**Contact name & number information available upon request**

VERIFONE: Complete Offices Furnished

  • San Jose, Ca. Gateway Place,       Used Office Furniture-Like New Condition
  • San Jose, Ca. Zanker Rd                Friant Work Stations
  • San Francisco, Ca.                         Refurbished Modular Furniture
  • Rocklin, Ca.                                     Modular Office Furniture

** Provided Office Chairs, Conference & Office furniture to all jobs



  • Mountain View, Ca. Middlefield Rd        Enwork Freestanding stations-Global Chairs
  • Mountain View, Ca. Whisman Ave        Modular Office Furniture-Office Chairs
  • Gold River Ca.                                      Refurbished Work Stations-Humanscale

** Provided Office Chairs, Filing, Conference & Office furniture to all jobs



  • San Carlos, Ca. Modular Office Furniture-Private Office Furniture
  • Auburn Hills, Mi.– (Home Office) Modular Office Furniture & Private Offices
  • Torrance, Ca.  Refurbished Modular Office Furniture
  • Austin, Texas  Used Cubicles-Like New Condition-Global Chairs

** Provided Office Chairs, Filing, Conference & Office furniture to all jobs


PLAZA LOAN -5 Complete Offices-Modular Furniture

  • San Jose, Ca.
  • San Ramon, Ca.
  • Salinas, Ca.
  • Modesto, Ca.
  • Gold River, Ca.


ROSENDIN ELECTRIC - San Jose, Ca.     Friant Work Stations-Office Master Chairs

XACTLY CORPORATION - San Jose, Ca.    Beautiful Contemporary Office Furniture

ARIOSA DIAGNOSTICS - San Jose, Ca. New and Refurbished Modular Office Furniture

THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC - San Jose, Ca.  Trendway Seating-Cubicles-Tables-Desks

EYE FI -  Mountain View, Ca.   Trendway Work Stations & modular office furniture

SOUNDHOUND -  Santa Clara, Ca.  Office Master OM5 Chairs-Global Chairs

CYTOSPORT -  Benicia, CA. (Muscle Milk)- New & Used Office Furniture-Office Chairs

COMMUNITY BANK OF THE BAY -  San Jose, Ca. & Danville, Ca. Office Furniture desks

FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR San Jose, Ca.  Office Chairs  Friant Gitana Offices

CUSTOMER SERVICE REALTY - San Jose, Ca.  Trendway Modular office furniture

COMPENSIA -Silicon Valley -Enwork Freestanding modern office furniture

HARLEY DAVIDSON -  San Jose, Ca. & Livermore Ca.  Modular Office Furniture

HILLBROOK SCHOOL - San Jose, Ca. Office Master Chairs

HONDA OF MORGAN HILL - Modern Office Furniture-Office Master Chairs

MERCK CORPORATION - Office Master chairs-Humanscale-Office furniture desks

MISSION BELL - Friant “Tiles” Work Stations

ZT SYSTEMS - Trendway Work Stations-White office furniture

**Contact name & number information available upon request**