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A few years ago, we moved one of our larger offices from San Jose, Ca. to San Carlos. We hired Mark Gianotti and Commercial Office Interiors to provide the New Work Stations, Offices, chairs and everything else for about 150 employees. They did such a great job that we hired them to redo our Home Office in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Mark Gianotti flew to Michigan to oversee our project. It was a pleasure to work with Mark and his professionalism and knowledge in the industry was very helpful to us throughout the project. Since then we have had them provide office furniture for us in Portland, Or., Torrance Ca., and our latest Office of approx. 125 people in Austin,Texas. I rely on Mark’s expertise in the business to save me money and time. He does both! He has been on each job site to oversee the installation and to insure that everything goes smoothly. The results are always on time and the office looks beautiful. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to furnish an office.


Michael Rossi

Executive Vice President

Operations, Worldwide

George P. Johnson Co.

- Michael Rossi


Commercial Office Interiors specializes in providing New, Used and Refurbished Office furniture and related products. Seating, Cubicles, Workstations, Filing and all Ergonomic Accessories are our specialty. We represent many high end manufacturer’s at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Our No Charge 3 step program:

1.) We will meet with you and provide and Initial consultation at your location-Within the San Francisco greater Bay area

2.) We will develop a Basic floor plan from that initial meeting, Review it with you and revise the drawing upon your recommendations and the most efficient use of your space.

3.) We will then Provide Proposals for the furniture, at different price levels, to best suit your budget, based off of the approved floor plan.

Today’s successful work environment is one which promotes the health and safety of its employees. Studies clearly show this results in higher profits to the company and certainly benefits the employee as well. Employees who have the right ergonomic accessories will be more productive, be less prone to down time and be happier in their workspace. Commercial Office Interiors has teamed with Humanscale and Workrite Ergonomics to provide ergonomic training for potential customers.

Commercial Office Interiors will Install, Move and/or Reconfigure your work stations and Office Furniture. We provide all Services needed to move your company’s furniture from one location to the next, remodel your existing space, or install your new stations and offices. We interact with your property manager to schedule and complete all furniture work. We provide Insurance Certificates for General Liability, Auto, Worker’s Compensation & Umbrella Policies as well.

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